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Entretenimiento Educación
Desarrollador Ulrike Hanselmann

Arendelle is a whole new experience of coding in a much cleaner, much simpler and a much more beautiful way. Unlike other languages with Arendelle you create 8-Bit illustrations with five colors! Just like the way it sounds Arendelle makes you a minimal and creative artist. The minimalism of the language also makes your mind clear and most of the times a much better coder. With this app the Arendelle environment is available anywhere!


• Based on the Swifty engine, the app comes with the fastest Arendelle experience you can imagine!

Intuitive design

• Straightforward programming flow

• Uses Arendelles great designs!


• Share your illustrations with your friends and other people.

Color palettes

• Lets you choose your individual color flavor.

Great editor

• Shortkey bar lets you access Arendelle chars very natural

And much more

• Totally free and no ads at all

• Language guide just one tap away

• Landscape mode

• Built-in runtime chronometer

• What you really need that is not here?

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